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Sample Logic – Synergy X (KONTAKT)

Sample Logic – Synergy X (KONTAKT)

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Synergy XΒ is a Kontakt-based library/instrument that weighs in at just over 20GB of sampled material, with the library divided between individual instruments and multis, which are stacks of instruments assigned to the same MIDI channel to create a composite sound. Much of what I wrote in 2008 remains true for Synergy X. Th e instruments come in seven categories: Ambience, Bass, Drums, Impacts, Melody, Pads, and Rhythms, and each has been moderately expanded with patches that are variations on the original material. For example, whereas the original version may have a single creepy texture, in Synergy X that texture may have several variations, with one offering rhythmic modulation or character and another radically EQ’ed and eff ected. In almost every case, EQ and dynamics processing give the original presets a new lease on life, imbuing them with a level of hi-fi polish that the original instruments lacked.

Multis have also been expanded with 53 new presets in three categories: Construction Beds, Instruments Stacks, and One Note Glory. Most of the new multis comprise between five and nine instruments to create a composite that typically includes several rhythmic parts, either loops or pulsating harmonic/melodic material, paired with impacts, pads, and bass/foundational sounds


SYSTEM REQUIREMENTSΒ Mac: Latest version of OS 10.6 or 10.7, Intel processor. PC: Windows 7 with latest service pack. Both: 2GB RAM, Native Instruments Kontakt Player 5.0.2 or later (free) or full version of Kontakt soft sampler.

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